Azerbaijani Vocabulary That You Should Know

Senin adin nedir? (Se-nin a-dun ne-dir) / What’s your name?

Meeting new people and making friends in Azerbaijan is easy. Knowing how to ask their name should be a priority.

Sola don (so-la don) / Saga don (Sa-ha don) – Turn left / Turn right

When combined with gestures, these are the most common phrases you’ll hear when asking for or giving directions.

Helekik (He-le-lich) / Goodbye

It’s always polite to say goodbye.

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An Agglutinative Language

Each component of the word contributes to the meaning. For example, haralısınız means “where are you from”. If you break it up, you have hara (“where”), lı (“from”), and sınız (“you”, more polite/plural).

The Alphabet

In 1992 the Azerbaijani government officially switched from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet. The letters are familiar to English speakers and words are easy to read. Some letters have a diacritic mark above or below.


Azerbaijani dialects can be divided into three groups: Northern Azerbaijani (Republic of Azerbaijan), Southern Azerbaijani (northwest Iran) and East Anatolian dialects (Turkey). The standard language is based on the dialect of Baku (the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan).

Azerbaijani Pronouns

Personal Pronouns
There are personal pronouns for the first, second and third person, singular and plural, which are inflected in all cases.
Demonstrative Pronouns
There are two demonstrative pronouns. Bu is equivalent to 'this' and o to 'that'.
Reflexive Pronouns
Reflexive pronouns are formed with self (öz) plus possessive suffixes: özüm ('myself'), özümüz ('ourselves'), etc.


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Teacher at Dylan Wykes Language School

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