Sponsors & Supporters

Mizuno Canada has been my running shoe & apparel sponsor since 2008. There continued support and excellent product have helped me to pursue my dreams and achieve many of my goals. I’m thankful to them for that. Read more here.

I am happy to be an ambassador for Forerunners Vancouver. Forerunners owner, Peter Butler, and his team have been huge supporters of my career since I first set foot in Vancouver to train in 2010. This partnership will allow me the means to continue my training and racing.
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The following Sponsors have provided me with their excellent products, allowing me to get the most out myself on a day-to-day basis in both training and racing:

The following Supporters have been kind enough to provide me access to services and funds that have allowed me continue to pursue my dreams and goals.

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CLIF Bar: I’m very excited to now be a brand ambassador for CLIF. As a marathon runner proper pre, during, and post run fuelling is essential. CLIF products are natural and provide the energy I need to get through my training and recover properly. My favourite Vanilla CLIF Shot energy gel, the Crunchy Peanut Butter energy bar, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter CLIF Builder’s protein bar.

Oakley: Oakley makes the best sport performance eyewear on the market and am proud to be an ambassador. I wore the Radar in the 2012 Olympic marathon. Currently I’m wearing the Canadian Olympic Committee limited edition Half Jacket in training.

Altitude Tech: Altitude tech is a leading company in simulated-altitude generators and they were founded in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario! I’ve used there products to boost my performance since 2009. Ka-Yu (owner) has been a great supporter of my career!

Hydrathletics: Based in my hometown of Kingston, ON, Hydrathletics is the first facility in Canada to utilize Hydroworx, Inc. advanced aquatic therapy pools for the general public. I’ve been fortunate to have access to their facilities to help rehab injuries and advance my training. If you’re in the Kingston area I’d highly recommend you check them out.
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Runner’s Choice: THE running store in my hometown of Kingston, ON. I bought my first pair of racing spikes when I was 12 years at Runner’s Choice. Owner Al Cantlay and his staff have helped me on my journey ever since. Al has been an integral part of the Kingston running community providing support for my training leading up to the London Olympics, and on my current path towards the Rio 2016 Olympics
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Canadian Sport Institute: The Canadian Sport Institute “is the helping hand that Canadian athletes need when they are striving to take the step from good to great.” They’ve helped provide me with access to facilities and services that are integral to my success as an athlete.
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CAN FUND: Canadian Athletes Now Fund “is a not-for-profit devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canada’s athletes.” They provide essential funds to Canada’s amateur athletes. In 2012 I was a proud receipt of CAN FUND support. These funds allowed me to train at high altitude in St. Moritz, Switzerland prior to my 20th place finish at the London 2012 Olympics.
Can Fund