Another race, another race report – San Jose 1/2

By October 7, 2013Featured

Yesterday I raced a half-marathon in San Jose, CA. It was my first time racing that distance since June 2012. I was pretty excited, but also nervous to test the waters in a longer race again. A couple of top Americans, Ryan Vail (check out Ryan’s blog here for details on his training leading up to the NYC marathon) and Fernando Cabada were in the race. I was hoping to do my best to race against those guys and hope it lead to a fast time.

In the end I ran 1:03:47 to finish 3rd place. Ryan won in 1:02:47 and Fernando was 2nd in 1:03:14. I was able to run with these guys for the first few miles and felt pretty comfortable. But, they were determined to stick with a 4:45-50/mile pace and surged leading up to and out of several of the mile markers between miles 4 -6. I felt myself struggling to stay with them on these little surges. They’d get a small gap on me and I’d claw it back. Eventually by about mile 8 or 9 they got a good 5 second gap on me and the wheels started to come off from there. I managed to hold it together ok to 10miles. But from there to the finish really struggled.

Some splits that I recall; 5k – 14:50, 5mi – 24:00, 10k – 29:47, 15k – 45:00, 10mi – 48:09.

I really would’ve liked to have held things together better and come out with a run 30-40 seconds faster. Considering the lack of volume I’ve been able to put in to my training due to injury, I shouldn’t be surprised with the result, and how much I faded towards the end. I think things are starting to come together in training, but perhaps a little more slowly than I’d hoped.

I didn’t spend nearly enough time in the sunny state of California as I should’ve considering the lengths we went to get down there. And I didn’t eat nearly enough Mexican food. But it was nice to travel with a crew as other members of our training group
– Richard Mosley, Natasha Wodak, and Sabrina Wilkie, as well as our coach, Richard Lee made the journey. Often times I travel to races like this on my own, which I don’t mind as I do tend to beat to the rhythm of my own drum. But, the company was good.

I won’t dwell on the result too much and try to focus on the positives; my body seems okay (just 24hrs later). I was dealing with a wonky calf all week and wasn’t sure mid-week wether it’d hold up over 13.1miles of hard running on pavement. Another positive, a bit of sun (or at least not much rain) in the forecast for Vancouver this week.

Also I’ll be looking ahead with excitement to my next few races; first the BUPA Great South Run on October 26th in Portsmouth, England. That will be  a 10mile race, and I’m looking forward to heading back to the UK for the first time since the Olympics. After that I’ll be part of the Canada Team at the Chiba International Ekiden in Chiba, Japan on November 23rd. Then a quick turn around to race the Canadian XC Championships in Vancouver on November 30th, to conclude the fall season.


  • Neil says:

    your 10 km time was better than your last race (Zoo run)!

  • Dave Wlson says:

    Congratulatins Dylan. That result was wonderful!. The times seperating the first three are negligible. I know you will be keeping firm aim on your big goal three years from now. Between now and then its all a learning experience and preparation.

    I have a health hiccup right now but fully intend to get back at it in six months. time

    Yours ever in runnning

    The ancient Marathoner.


  • Ed Kooistra says:

    Good to see your on the recovery road. Good luck in your travels overseas and your running. Really looking forward to your return to the marathon.
    Are you hopeful to run one next year?
    A proud fan, Ed