Heading back to my old stomping grounds this weekend for 2 great events. Saturday at Lemoine Pt and Sunday at Fort Henry. Join me…

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I’m looking forward to getting back to two of my favourite training grounds from my highschool and gradschool days in Kingston, but more importantly to support two great running events going on in the city.

On Saturday I’ll be at Lemoine Point Conservation area helping out at the Tracey Kirkland Family Fun Walk/Run 5km race. Tracey is a young marathon runner from Kingston who was on her way to run a marathon in San Francisco when she collapsed and was rushed to hospital. It was discovered she has AVM. She remains in ICU in Toronto. The event aims to raise funds to off set the costs of Tracey’s medical care. I’ve donated a signed piece of Olympic Team gear to the silent auction. More information on the event and how you can register or donate is available here and here. If you are in Kingston with nothing to do on Saturday morning please come and support this event.

Sunday, the Athletics Ontario Cross Country Championships will be taking place up on the cross country course at Fort Henry Hill, hosted by Kingston running club Physi-Kult (to which I am a member). I won’t be racing, but I’ll be there cheering on all the runners, handing out some awards, signing some autographs, and just hanging out. The races start at 10:00am with the bantam girls 2km and the final race of the day, the Senior Men’s 10km starts at 2:35pm. There is more information available here. Current weather forecast for Sunday looks fantastic. So, come check out the action if you’re in the area. We’ll be raffling off some signed Olympic Team gear, with proceeds going to the Physi-Kult junior athletes travel fund.

I have fond (and some not so fond) memories of both training and racing at both Lemoine Pt and Fort Henry hill while growing up in Kingston. My first memories of Lemoine Pt are from when I went to summer camp there as a 6-10 yr old. I can remember the walk from Rotary Pk to the beach at Lemoine and thinking the place was so so huge. Now when I go back and go for a run around the ~3mile perimeter trail I find myself wishing it were much larger. I also miss the chip truck that used to be parked half-way along our walking route in my summer camp days. What happened to that thing? I mean who wouldn’t want to stop for some fries or poutine part way through a run or walk!?!

One of my funnier memories of running at Fort Henry actually comes from a road race I did there while at home over Christmas Holidays during University. Temps were right around the freezing mark and about half way through this 8km race it started to rain ever so lightly. I was duking it out for top spot with old man Boyd. And all of a sudden the road turns into a skating rink. It was ridiculously dangerous, especially considering my racing flats had zero grip. I can remember sliding across the pavement right through an intersection. We probably should’ve just stop racing, but Steve and I continued to battle it out until we got the steep downhill at Fort Henry, then I was actually afraid I was gonna fall on my face, so packed it in and let Steve win. His version of this story probably has him just beating me out right, but I swear I eased up and let him win 🙂

Anyways, I hope to see some of you readers out at these events this coming weekend.

Me back in grade 5 or 6(?) racing at Lemoine Pt. Notice the high socks: I was way ahead of the times in terms of this whole compression sock thing!

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  • Dustin Beach says:

    Crazy to see these pictures! I used to run at Lemoine Pt. as a kid. Back in the JR Henderson days! That was long before I moved to Ottawa. Good read.