Update number four on the Road to London: Opening Ceremonies and hanging out with The Queen

By August 6, 2012News
We are a little less than one week away from lining up for the Olympic marathon. Things have been going well since the last update.
I went to London for a few days to take part in the Opening Ceremonies. That was an incredible experience. I’m really happy that I was able to take part. I also got to meet the Queen of England while I was there. It was a pretty funny experience as myself and javelin thrower Curtis Moss didn’t really know what we were getting into. We were just asked to show up at a certain place and time for a ‘luncheon’. Turns out we, along with athletes and delegates from several other countries were going to meet the Queen. She came around and shook our hands and asked some token questions; what event are you in, when is it, are you enjoying London. I told her she could watch my race from her window at home. She politely told me she would prefer to watch on TV.
I was happy to get in a few days in the village in London, to get the ‘lay of the land’. But overall it was a pretty exhausting experience. So I was happy to head back to St. Moritz. I’ve been back here for a little over a week, with my coach. I’ve started to back down quite a bit in terms of both training volume and intensity. But I have gotten in a few good workouts in the heat (and lower altitude) in Chiavenna, Italy. 

I’ve posted some more photos to http://dwykes.tumblr.com/ from running in Chiavenna, here in St. Moritz, and from a nice run I did in Richmond Park while I was in London. 
A bit of boredom usually starts to set in when backing off the heavy training as I have a lot more time on my hands. I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the Olympics on TV. Yesterday was the women’s Marathon. It was good to watch that as it gave me some sense of the course. It’s been exciting watching my Athletics teammates compete. ‘team St. Moritz’ is off to a good start with a very strong 13th place finish from Inaki Gomez in the 20km race walk! And today HilarymStellingwerf qualified for the 1500m semi-finals!
I head back to London later this week. The race is Sunday August 12th at 11:00am London time (6:00am EST).


  • Joanne Gunning says:

    Thanks for the update Dylan. Sounds like you’re in a good head space.
    Remember: No. Doubts. No Fears. No Limits

  • The O'Connor family says:

    Good luck, Dylan! It will be amazing.

  • Alex Kahng/Mabel Fong says:

    Hi Dylan,
    Congratulations on getting to the start line and best wishes for a fantastic race. Will be watching live at DD’s with the Forerunners gang.

  • Susan Funk says:

    We are looking forward to seeing Canadians in the Marathon. Best wishes.

    P.S. She is technically also the ‘Queen of Canada’, thus she is on the money. 🙂