Update Nummer zwei: The adventure continues…Flagstaff – Ontario – Hamburg – St.Mortiz

By June 29, 2012News

Once again, not the best effort in updating the blog. I did make the effort and put together a nice write up while on an airplane last week, but then I randomly deleted it somehow and was too lazy to try to resurrect that.

I’ve been traveling a lot recently; in the past two weeks I’ve gone from Flagstaff, AZ to Kingston/Ottawa, ON to Hamburg, Germany, and now finally St. Moritz, Switzerland.

I’ll take you back a little bit to the rest of my time in Flagstaff. Things started to really come together my last 2.5 weeks of pounding out the training on the red dirt roads. It was great having Rob Watson up there joining me pretty much every step of the way. We hit some great sessions out on Lake Mary Rd and at Coconino High School.

From Flagstaff I was able to make a brief trip back to eastern Ontario where I was able to visit some friends and family and attend a few events in Kingston. I had the opportunity to visit some local elementary schools that are involved in the Reading & Running program. I was challenged to a race around the school yard by some eager young runners and got left in their dust! The local running community also organized a nice send off event in the Market Square and a little fundraiser at Kingston Brew Pub. I also managed to squeeze in a track workout at the new track at the Invista Centre. It is a great new facility and I am really pleased to see Kingston finally get a proper Track & Field facility. It’s a huge step up from either making random calcualtions to account for the odd-distanced track at Tindall field or to fence-hoping and pothole-dodging at the woeful Richardson Stadium. Hopefully the new facility creates more and more opportunities for kids in the Kingston area to get involved in the sport.

From Ottawa I then hopped over the Atlantic to Hamburg, Germany for the Hella Hamburg 1/2 marathon. I placed 5th in a time of 1:03:34. Not my best time ever, and not my best effort ever either, but I’m okay with the result. Hamburg seems like a nice city and the people were very friendly. I hpe to make it back there again sometime when it is not pouring rain the entire time.

I’m now writing this from St. Moritz, Switzerland. It is a small resort town in the Swiss Alps that is situated at somewhere between 1790-1860m above sea level (I’ve read many differing accounts of the altitude here). I will be based here up until the Olympic Games. So, far things are going well here. Adapting to a new setting is always difficult the first few days as you try to get into a routine and find your way around. St. Moritz and the surrounding area is a beautiful part of the world and the trails and tracks for running are fantastic. I’m confident that this is the best possible setup to have me prepared to do my best in London on August 12th. I owe a huge thanks to a lot of people for this training camp coming to fruition, including the running community in Kingston and Vancouver for their fundraising efforts, the CanFund for their support of me and other Olympic athletes, and AC for their support and their belief in my training plan ahead of London.

I want to be able to share some photos with visitors to the site, but as Rob Watson can attest to uploading photos to a blog from my iPad can be very frustrating. So, as an alternative I’ve set up a Tumblr site to share some photos with everyone. This will allow me to upload photos directly from my phone. Please visit this link:  dwykes.tumblr.com as I’ll try to post photos there occasionally.