Ok ok enough with the pity party lets get on with it here already…

By November 9, 2011News

Man oh man that last blog was a wee bit depressing. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself there for a while. Gotta spice things up here and put a more positive spin on life.

Surprisingly the initial post-race muscle soreness subsided fairly quickly. I was sitting on the toilet seat with my usual grace within a few days of the race. I’ll contribute this to all the running I did on pavement this buildup. Maybe it didn’t allow me to go as fast as I wanted during the race, but it’s made some aspects of recovery quicker.

I decided to give up my place on the Canadian team for the Chiba International Ekiden. Although I didn’t have the usual acute muscle soreness for as long after this marathon I still had a ton of muscle fatigue. Going to the Ekiden would’ve been fun if I had made the Olympic standard in Toronto. But with another marathon looming I decided I didn’t want to rush my recovery to prepare for the Ekiden and in turn hinder the turn around time for another marathon. The Destroyer is going to go in my place though, so all is not lost. I’m sure he and the rest of the Canadian team will kick ass. (editors note: the real reason I’m not going is I’m not fully prepared to do battle with team physio Ron O’Hare on the ping pong table. Last time I went to Ekiden I made my way into the final of the teams ping pong tournament. I had a bit of swagger going but then got man handled by Ron. My ego was crushed.)

I’m back in Van and it’s raining. I forgot about this time of year. It seems to be the time of year when the weather is nicer in Ontario and I find myself thinking WTF am I doing here. But then December and January roll around and nothing really changes here, while in Ontario (or Onterrible as many BC natives like to call it) things get a whole lot worse.

I found out yesterday that I was nominated by Athletics Canada to receive funding from Sport Canada. This is huge for me and is going to make life a bit more manageable and maybe allow me to try some things I haven’t in the past because of a lack Benjamins.

I fell of my bike the other day and thought I’d broken my wrist. Well at first I didn’t think much of it, but 10hrs later I was in agony and went to the ER. Thankfully I didn’t break my wrist. Now the bagel and coffee from Benny’s that I was rushing to get seems well worth it. (If you live in Kitsilano or ever find yourself in Kitsilano go to Benny’s it’s good stuff). The nurse told me I need to learn how to fall. Apparently experienced cyclists know not to do the superman thing with arms stretched out in front of them. But to me that feels like a natural instinct. How do you get out of that habit? Do you actually practice falling with your arms tucked in? Even if I thought to myself as I was falling that I should do that I still think I’d brace the fall with my arms? Any cyclists out there care to give me some advice for my early morning bike rides to the

It’s cross country season for many distance runners in Canada right now. OFSAA was this past weekend in Ottawa, ON. A big shout out to my man Kieran L’Abbe for taking the ‘W’ in the midget boys race! I managed to win that crown too, back in the day. But never won XC again. Here’s a good trivia question that I stumped Kieran’s dad with the other day: I beat two guys that day way back in 1997(?) in a furious kick, both have gone on to represent Canada at the Olympics, who are they? It’s sort of a trick question, but not really.

I was rummaging through some stuff while at home in Ontario and came across this picture. Simon beat me by a mile that day!



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