The concrete jungle

By September 23, 2011News

I’m in Toronto for the Oasis Zoo Run/National 10k Champs. I snuck in 70 minutes in absolutely lashing rain before I left Vancouver yesterday. I was looking forward to a few days reprieve in Toronto, where the forecast for this weekend was looking really good. But it was pretty crap out here today. 

Here’s the start list for the race. Should be a good tussle. Apparently Reid Coolsaet will have monkeys throwing shit at people out there, so be careful when you go past the monkeys. 

Recap of my past two weeks:
My first attempt at a road race in Victoria, for the McNeill Bay Half marathon two weeks ago was a good effort. I can’t claim to be ecstatic with the time (1:04:03). But, I lead every step of the race and the course was significantly more hilly than I expected. I tried to hold 3:00/km for as long as I could. That only lasted til 7k when I realized not only was the course not going to flatten out, it was going to get hillier. I still pushed hard towards the end and was a bit pissed with myself that I didn’t push hard enough to get sub 1:04. Not the ‘race’ I was after, but still a good days work.

I recovered well from the race and got after it again the following Thursday with a nasty ole ladder workout on the track. We’ve been working out at Coquitlam Town Centre track, which is a brand new mondo surfaces and also home to every possible kids sports practice. There were 6 year olds in full football pads with Michael Vick jerseys and Mohawks. Let’s just say the intimidation factor worked on me, I didn’t dare yell at that one little guy when he ran in front of me on nearly every lap. 

We completed our biggest workout of the program, 40kms of ‘jogging’ this past Sunday. It was a tough workout; I still have some kinks in my fueling protocol that need ironing out. If nothing else the workout was a good reminder that this marathon is not going to be easy, in fact it’s going to be an excruciatingly painful experience. But, it’s the ultimate challenge in my book and I’m looking forward to it.

I recently attended an open house at Forerunners to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. I got talking to a few people there and discovered that I’m only the 4th fastest current employee of the store! I was talking to Gant about this on our warmup the other day. He reckons there isn’t a running store in North America that can boast a better top 4. We were thinking of starting a letsrun thread about it, but I’m too lazy. Just for a fun little challenge the first person to leave a comment here naming the three guys ahead of me on the forerunners list, their PB’s, and the race they set it in, I’ll send you a little something from Mizuno as a prize. (I should restrict this to people under 25yo, cause the oldies out there will get it easily, but I figure the old folks aren’t reading my blog!)


  • Robert says:

    I am way older than 25, but I am not a native Canadian. So, perhaps that counts;-)

    Peter Butler
    Arthur Boileau
    Carey Nelson

    I enjoy the updates on this blog.

    Good luck in Toronto.

  • April says:

    Peter Butler: 2:10:56 – 1985 California International Marathon
    ARthur Boileau: 2:11:15 – 1986 Boston Marathon
    Cary Nelson: 2:12:28 – 1991 Houston Marathon

  • Audrey says:

    Kick some ass today, Dylan!!!

  • Jack says:

    Congratulations on your run today!

    The list:

    Peter Butler – 2:10:56 – California Intl. Marathon
    Art Boileau – 2:11:15 – Boston
    Carey Nelson – 2:12:28 – Houston Marathon