What can you do on the run?

By August 28, 2011News

We didn’t do that epic Charlie Spedding-esque long run last weekend. I got a bit confused with the schedule, something like that is coming up next weekend. Instead last Sunday’s long run was 35-ish km with a 15km pick-up towards the end. I delayed the whole process when the lovely people from CCES showed up at my place at 7am for a cuppa pee, no not a cuppa tea. For some reason I designated 7-8am as my mandatory one hour testing period for that day (note to CCES/ADAMS, please please please develop a smart phone app for whereabouts updating). I had a bit of stage fright, but eventually got the job done. I then hopped in the car and got out to Langley as quickly as possible where my ‘teammates’ and coach had so kindly been waiting for me.

The run started off pretty sluggish, I think everyone was pretty wrecked. For one we were at the end of a big week of training. I unknowningly was at the end of a 135mile week (about 10 miles more than my highest previous week, done while training for CIM last fall). The other guys were in similar situations. I was also way over-hydrated from drinking too much water to try and fill the cup more quickly! Luckily I’ve acquired the ability to pee on-the-run. Anyone else out there able to do this? Most people probably aren’t stupid enough to even try. But, for some reason I decided it was a good idea to learn how and now do it quite often when we run on the quite roads out in Langley (sorry to any Langley residences that may have witnessed such a thing).

Anyways, we all got through the run eventually and were relieved to have a big week of training behind us. Usually I have a good sense of how much mileage I’ve been running as a week is going, but I don’t always necessarily add it up as I go. I mis-calculated a bit somewhere along the way as I didn’t intend to hit 135miles. In turn we dialed things back a little bit in the workouts this week. We kept the same volume but tried not to think about hitting certain times, instead trying to focus on putting in a good effort, as it’s all good work in the end. So on Wednesday, instead of trying to nail a bunch of 1600m repeats in the low 4:30’s, I ‘settled’ for 4:40-4:36. I usually try to get pretty keyed up for the big workouts and like to have some rough (or very precise) goal times/paces in mind to motivate me throughout the workout. But, I guess sometimes you have to step back a bit and just get through things.

In the past I’ve kept my mileage in what some may consider a fairly conservative range  (for a marathoner) where I was able to get keyed up and attack most workouts. This current phase will be an interesting experiment in the slight compromise in terms of quality of workouts in order to get in a bit more mileage. I’m hoping by next week the body will be adapted well enough to be able to both attack the workouts and hit some big mileage. It’s nice to see the big numbers on paper, but it’s also very nice to see the low numbers on the watch…..

The tide has been way out along spanish banks some mornings of late. I took advantage and did some drills out where the water would normally be above your head when the tide is in.


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