“I rely on the process”

By August 19, 2011News

This update is way overdue. A few of us were discussing the other day how when people don’t update their blogs for a while it’s a sign that the person is either injured or hit some other bump in the road. Fortunately for me, it’s neither. I’ve simply been too lazy and lacked motivation to write about my running.

But things are going well. The ultimate goal is Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, which now looms only 8 weeks away. My first ‘block’ of training was pretty average (perhaps why I didn’t blog much). I was focused and motivated in my training, but in some sense was just going through the motions, with things on auto-pilot so to speak. I didn’t hit any huge mileage weeks, nor any fantastic workouts. But I put in a lot of solid work. I capped off the first 4 weeks with a little race down in Seattle,WA, where I managed to win the Seafair 8k in 23:59. I followed that up with some Michelobe Ultra (horrible beer), glutenous amounts of Mexican food (Canada needs more Mexican food), and an easy week (of 100 or so miles).

Now that we are into the second block of training I’ve tried to focus my energy on hitting some good workouts, while still getting in some reasonable mileage. Luckily I’ve managed to do so pretty well. Thanks in large part to Marilou Lamy, Garfield Crooks, Vega, ice baths, magic legs, etc (just a few of my growing list of therapists and recovery strategies that I’ve employed to make sure my body is 100% day in and day out).

I have two races on the calendar now prior to STWM. First up will be the McNeill Bay half marathon o Sept 11 in Victoria, BC. This is a brand new race and I’m looking forward to racing on the island. Then I’ll be racing the Canadian 10km road champs/Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto on Sept 24th. Both should be good fun.

But, before I get too excited about racing I’ve got lots and lots of training to do. This Sunday we’re doing a long run of 22 miles with a bunch of pickups throughout. When I asked my coach why we were doing a long run like this he said it was partly influenced by a workout done by Charlie Spedding (Bronze medalist, 1984 Olympic Marathon). Charlie described the workout in his book with the following: “21 miles interval session on the road. Timed efforts of these minutes 5, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 5 mins steady running between; 10 mins steady at start and finish, no jogging at any stage. Very tiring. I had to lie down for 2 hous afterwards.

Yikes! Looks like Sunday afternoon could be interesting. I might need a designated driver to drive me home from Langley afterwards!


  • Clive says:

    Glad to hear from you Dylan and that things are proceeding according to plan. I have to admit I was a bit concerned about your un-updated blog, now I know what is going on and will be looking forward to your results in the upcoming races. Hope Sunday went well, sounds like fun (NOT!)

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