SVHM Race Report: Can’t believe I’ve gotta go twice as far in 16 weeks time!

By June 28, 2011News

On Sunday I finished 4th at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon in a time of 1:04:35. It would’ve been nice to get a top 3 finish here, but all in all I wasn’t that disappointed with my performance.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of myself prior to the race because I haven’t done the type of work neccessary to run a really good half-marathon. But, still, I secretly hoped I might produce some magic out there….that never happened.

Plan was to hang back for the first 10-12km and try to close down on guys over the last 8km of the race.

Here’s some video of the early stages of the race:

I checked off the group just before 5km, not because I was getting tired, but because I wanted to try to execute my game plan of picking up the pieces later on in the race. I held the gap between myself and the top 3 (Kip, Matt, and Rob) to about 10-15 secs through 11km. But after the sharp downhill they started pulling away. I tried to stay relaxed and not force it at this stage. I still felt it was too early, and perhaps if I was feeling good I’d be able to close the gap later on.

Turns out I started to hurt pretty bad by about 13km. Rob fell off the back of the pack around that time, but I couldn’t close the 15 second gap. His gap increased to about 25 seconds and the top of Burrard Bridge. I was really really suffering at that point and had to started yelling at myself to get up over the crest of the bridge. At that point I realized I was probably too far behind to catch Rob, but still ran hard to the finish and ended up 15 seconds back.

Fair play to Rob, Matt, and Kip they all ran great races.

I figured my legs would probably let me down at some point along the way and they did. The half is a long way and there is no faking it out there.

But, no time to hang my head. I’m feeling healthy and ready to start putting in the mileage and the longer workouts. I’m excited about being out here in B.C. for the summer. The humidity in Ontario is a really tough. When training for the Berlin World Cup marathon in Kingston in the summer of 2009 I really struggled to recover well day-to-day with the heat and humidity. You’ve gotta be able to feel out the effort and not depend so much on the watch when it’s hot out, and I wasn’t very good at doing that. Hopefully I’ll have to do less of that this summer, but also be smarter about feeling out the pace and ignoring the watch when it really heats up.