(Not so great) Great Manchester Run 10k

By May 16, 2011News

Yesterday I raced in the BUPA Great Manchester Run in Manchester, England. This was my first time racing in England, and I was looking forward to backing up my solid 10,000m at Stanford two weeks ago with a good performance here.
Unfortunately things didn’t really pan out as I’d hoped….I finished 13th in 29:30. I got in the mix early on, but was working way too hard and already feeling crap by about 3k. I slowly stared to slip out of the lead group and was shot out the back door by 5k. The rest of the race was pretty lonely. I had one or two guys come past me, who I tried to hang onto without success. I just had nothing in my legs and a savage cramp in my diaphragm that made the going tougher than usual. But I’ll keep on truckin’ for a few more weeks and hope for one more good day out there.

The race itself was a top class event and it was pretty cool to line up with the likes of Geb, Mottram, etc, etc, etc. d

Next race will be Saturday May 28th at the Ottawa 10k! A new course for the race this year. I’m very excited about that, and looking forward to running near to home again for the first time in a long time. Also, looking forward to getting back to Ontario to visit family and friends and prepare for Ottawa.

Training in Switzerland prior to the race was fun. I’ve included some pics below:

On the track in Lausanne

Doing a fartlek run through farm fields near Geneva



  • Audrey says:

    Dylan – you’re going to kick extreme ass in Ottawa. I can’t wait to see it all unfold! Chin up! (did you see my sister’s email?)

  • Paula Wiltse says:

    Congrats on some great recent results!!
    See you in Ottawa.