Road Trip, Part I: Eugene, OR

By April 25, 2011News

Just minutes after the Vancouver Sun Run, while doing an easy jog, Rich proposed I go down to Eugene, OR for a 5,000m race a mere 5 days away. This was the first I knew anything of the meet or that this was ever part of the plan (although I think Rich had had it on his calendar for me for a while). It seemed a bit sudden, but at the same time I was excited about it. I knew I was fit and I wanted to prove that to myself. So, Rich fired up the Matrix on Thursday afternoon and we made the long drive to Eugene, rolling in at about midnight.

not sure what stage of the race this is, maybe between 1600-2000m in

There were about a dozen Japanese corporate team runners on the start list, so I knew the pace would be fast and I wouldn’t need to do any work. The plan was to hold on as long as I could.

I ended up 2nd in 13:43.43. A new PB (old one was 13:57 from way back in November, 2005). I got out well in the first mile, ran a fairly conservative 2nd mile letting the main pack get a bit of a gap on me while staying tucked in behind the tallest of the other competitors 🙂 I closed really well over the last mile, first closing the gap on the main pack and then making a move with 600m to go and holding on for 2nd.

There is a video of the race at this link: Bill McChesney Jr 5000m Invite

It was very cool to race in Eugene, OR at Hayward Field where there is so much history.

Results on the scoreboard at 'Historic Hayward Field'


Part II of the Road Trip starts on Friday with the drive to Seattle. The rest of the road trip will be travelled mostly by plane, so I guess ‘road’ trip is a misnomer. Regardless from Seattle I head to Palo Alto, CA for 10,000m on the track. Then onto Switzerland for some training prior to racing the BUPA Great Manchester Run in Manchester, England on May 15th. Following that I’ll be back on my old stomping grounds of Eastern Ontario for the Ottawa Race Weekend 10k on May 28th.


  • Bruce Deacon says:

    The corporate team S&B was who Tashiko Seko used to run for. Look him up…one of the best marathoners ever. Legend was that he used to run 200MPW and drink close to 10 beer/day.

    Great run, Dylan.

    • DylanW says:

      Thanks Bruce (and Kevin)! Yeah Rich was telling me all about S&B and Seko, and I remember watching a video of the 1984 Olympics, where he was one of the favourites. I am not sure what is more impressive though, the 200mpw or the 10 beers/day. Clearly the combo is just insane! I read somewhere that he coached S&B for a while, fairly recently, but wasn’t getting great results, maybe his athletes couldn’t handle the beers 🙂

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  • Audrey Giles says:

    NICE WORK, DYLAN!!! You’re on FIRE!

  • Kevin O'Connor says:

    I remember Mr Seko, but I was born in the 60s, all beit it late 60s. He was a tough nut, that grimace that never seemed to dissapear. He showed up on the start line in vegas half in 96 0r 97 when I ran, just to be on the start line was something else to be next to him. I think he ran a 63 when he was more than likely running for fun in them days. Good luck in Manchester. Dylan do u ever read eightlane, google [eightlane athletic news] its the best UK athletics website going, talk of Manchester BUPA will be started soon if not now, who is running etc, and lots of great other subjests. Also checkout runnerslife, blogs by Ryan Mcleod, Lemchello amongst other top UK guys. Cheers kevin

  • Kevin O'Connor says:

    Lists of Brits, including Chris Thompson [or Tommo as he is known]

    • DylanW says:

      Thanks for that link Kevin. I’ve never actually raced in England, so very much looking forward to it. No doubt it’s going to be a stacked race!