We ain’t going to the town, we’re going to THE city

By March 19, 2011News

It’s going to be a great race tomorrow here in NYC. The list of invited runners is here.

You can watch live at this link and track splits at this link. Start time is 7:30am EST. I spent the past week in Kingston, so I should be pretty well adjusted to the time change from Vancouver by now.

It’s supposed to be a bit chilly at start time, but that’s alright by me. I’m excited to get in there and compete against some really good guys from all over the world.


  • kb says:

    Sweet race – you beat some big names, and if you plug your time into Macmillan calculator you’re under the marathon standard. Nice work!

  • Kurtis Marlow says:

    Dylan – I just saw the results for this race. Absolutely amazing!!! Keep up the great training schedule. You guys are doing awesome things out there. Nice to see the work paying off. I am very excited to follow your season.


    • DylanW says:

      I think the massage last Wednesday was what did it for me man! Maybe the hard work I put in before that too, but the massage definitely helped! Thanks.

  • Black Lab says:

    ummm…. obviously you’ve gotten your legs back… Great race!

  • Leslie & John Carson says:


    Nice to see that BC liv’n hasn’t made you soft at all! WOW what a confidence booster!! Keep up the great work and keep eating sushi if that’s what it takes to get you to the Olympics.

    • DylanW says:

      You guys are the best, hope you are doing well. Look forward to catching up next time I find myself in Southwestern Ontario!

  • Clive says:

    AWESOME Dylan, nice race. Sorry I missed seeing you in Kingston, maybe next time. I guess this confirms that you will keep running for a few more years? Looking forward to seeing more results.