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By March 27, 2011News

I eased back into training this week, getting in some decent mileage, but not putting in any hard workouts until Friday. We had a good little crew going on the track for that one and had a nice night. I was happy with how my body was feeling. Early on in the week I was pretty sore, especially my calves.

I came up with a new rating system for races this week. On Friday afternoon I was having a pre-workout snack of toast with almond butter and banana and thought to myself ‘the NYC Half is definitely an Almond Butter event’, meaning it’s the best of the best (if you haven’t had yourself a healthy smattering of almond butter go out and get some, don’t let the price tag deter you, trust me it’s worth it). After Almond Butter on my rating scale there is natural peanut butter (good quality, tasty stuff), and then the lowest rung is Skippy (that stuff is gross. I shouldn’t knock it too much I grew up on it, heck my mom still has 5 jars in the cupboard she bought on sale for $1 each 3 years ago, and you know what, you can still eat it, no expiry on that stuff!).

This rating system was inspired by the fact that the NYRR crew had Almond Butter (along with tonnes of other amazing food from Whole Foods Markets) in the hospitality suite at last weeks NYC Half. Those folks know how to do it right! I haven’t really determined all the criteria for this rating system yet, it’s certainly not just about what is available to elites/invited athletes in the hospitality suite, but the presence or lack of almond butter is very important! I’m not going to rate other events I’ve been to in the past, but will definitely be using the rating system in the future.

Not much to report at the moment…….Oh, apparently I have a twitter account?! I was ‘tweeted’ (not even sure that is the right lingo) by THE Simons (Bairu and Whitfield). Was chuffed about that. Also met Jon Brown for the first time this week. I ran into him along Spanish Banks, sitting on a bench with his family eating lovely looking european pastries while I was doing a morning run (yes I was envious of him, both his 4th place finishes at the Olympics and his pastries).

Apparently both the stream and intelligence of my consciousness and therefore blogging ability has gone down a level since completing my M.Sc. last week. My mind is just not working right now.




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  • Cursor says:

    Hi Dylan!

    I was delighted to read about your pre-workout snack and your love for almond butter. Here in Scandinavia peanut butter is not a big hit and I have had many glares when I have made myself a peanut butter-banana toasted sandwich. This has been part of my regular diet for years and I consider it a great snack.

    I have never heard of almondbutter before but once I see a jar I will definitely give it a try.

    Congrats on completing your M.Sc.!