Toto Antibo

By February 27, 2011News

I am definitely a big fan of track & field, but I am probably not as much of a ‘track geek’ as I should be, given my passion for the sport. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the sport, past results, big names, etc prior to say 2000. So, when Rich told me after the track workout on Tuesday night that Marek (UBC coach, former Kajaks coach) had reminded him the workout was a Salvatore Antibo workout, I had no idea who he was talking about. He told me to google him. I did and was then consumed for hours by great racing videos from the ’80’s and ’90’s including this one (1990 European Champs 10,000m final), where Antibo destroys everyone.

I probably should have known who Salvatore Antibo was, but heck I was only a wee tyke when he was in his prime. Back in those days I wasn’t interested in running at all. I was a hockey fan, dreaming of the day I started between the pipes for the Habs. My mullet was fashioned after the likes of Patrick Roy and Jaromir Jarg. But, Salvatore had a admirable one going himself. My only real knowledge of athletics from the ’80’s was Coe v Ovett. Prior to that Viren and Pre. And after that the onslaught of the africans – Daniel Komen, Geb v Tergat, Wilson Kipketer, etc. So, Salvatore Antibo opened up a whole new world to me.

The workout itself was a tough one, but a good one. 10,000m of volume, starting with a 3,000m rep, throw in a few 1000’s, a 2,000, and then end with some 400’s. There was a big crew of us doing (most of) the workout, and the young pups on the UBC team pulled me through the 400’s. I finished off the workout with a 60.8 (no big deal for some, but for me that is pretty good).

That was a big workout so the rest of the week hasn’t been too crazy. Plus, we just got hit with some snow, unfortunately this meant we couldn’t run the loop Rich had planned for us on the trails in Stanley Pk this morning. We were relegated to the roads. Too bad, because the loop on the trails is super hilly. We did it last week, and it was tough, but fun.

Hopefully the snow clears by Tuesday for our next track workout, but that might be wishful thinking.