I want to stay magical

By February 3, 2011News

Not a great past week or so of training for me. My body doesn’t like me right now and I don’t like it. Sometimes I just sit here and stare at my legs and ask them why they won’t do what I tell them to. I think they are mad at me for those 26.2 miles I ran on them back in December. I think it’s about time they get over it and start working again.

I did a tempo run this past Saturday at Stanley Pk. I wanted to quit after about 3k, but Rich was out there on the bike, so I knew stopping wasn’t really an option. I told him my thoughts afterwards and he told me he wouldn’t have let me stop even if I tried!

I averaged about 3:15/km for 16km in that workout. The funny thing is, in the lead up to the California International Marathon, in a long tempo run (15-18miles) I couldn’t make myself run a 3:15 km cause it felt too damn easy. So, I hit the panic button somewhere around 5k this past Saturday and thought WTF (“why the face” -phil dunphy) is going on here?!?

I don’t know anymore now than I did at that exact moment. I’ve been convinced I need to back off a bit and let things come back to me naturally. So, I am going to heed that advice. But, I am still going to have those conversations with my legs until they say something nice back to me and do what I tell them.

It’s easy, when you’ve had a really good cycle of marathon training to always want to train like a marathon runner. But apparently there are things called periodization and micro-cycles, macro-cycle, etc, etc. I don’t really know what any of them mean, that’s why I have a coach! But, I’m being told that the different cycles or periods may require a different mind set and different approach to the training on my end. So, I’m working on that.

I also brought my altitude tech altitude tent down from 20,000ft! I don’t think that little experiment worked too well (that was a joke and a plug for my sponsor all in one sentence!)

OK, I’ll let you know when things start coming around………


  • Andre LeFort says:

    I’ve never had to run a marathon, but I imagine the cycles, shifts and changes I feel as a 5km runner would be minute compared to the mountainous changes you could possibly feel. Find comfort in the fact we all struggle with the same cycles, though for some, on a much smaller scale.

    The wording throughout your post is logical, realistic and wise…I’d say your legs will surprise you when you least expect it.


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