I think I found my calling

By February 21, 2011News

me and the rings

I’ve put in a lot of good years out on the roads, but I always told myself when the day came that I lost that passion, that motivation to prove to myself that I could make my dreams come true, that I would quit. I knew that day would come eventually, but didn’t expect it for a good few years. Yet, on Saturday afternoon I thought maybe that day had come. But, the passion hadn’t gone out of me altogether, I’d just found a new sport. For the past 360 days or so, since I sat screaming at my TV watching Devon Kershaw fight to an agonizing 5th place finish in the 50km classic at the Olympics, I thought man I’ve missed my calling, this is really the sport for me. So, driving up to Whistler Olympic Park on Saturday I was ready to go, I even started mapping out the road to the Olympics in my head….Sochi 2014. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I thought so. Well it turns out I am completely rubbish at xc skiing. Notice in the picture I don’t have my skis on. That’s because I could barely stand up on them! Apparently it’s not a good idea to dream up a road to the Olympics in a sport you’ve only done a couple of times in your life. I have a crazy amount of respect for the sport now though (I always did, but even more so now). So, I am going to have to stick to the roads until that day when I’ve lost the passion for the sport really does come.