13.1miles is indeed FAR

By February 13, 2011News

I raced the ‘First Half’ Half-Marathon today in Vancouver. The aim was to just try to have a positive racing experience, start the year off on a positive note. I was very unsure of what to expect, given that my training hadn’t gone as planned in the weeks prior. Although, I did manage a good track workout on Tuesday, which gave me a bit of confidence going into the race. So, trying to win was the first goal. A second goal I had in the back of my mind was trying to break the course record (1:04:44, held by Ryan Hayden). I managed both the win and the course record (barely) with a 1:04:39! A rather hard fought effort (i.e. I suffered the last mile). But really only the last mile, I felt great up to that point.

The ‘First Half’ was a first class event; really well organized and great support from the sponsors Mizuno, Forerunners, etc. Also a big shout-out to Mr. Downtown – David Crawford, for helping with the rent for the next few months 🙂

This was the positive experience I was looking for and I hope to build on it a lot over the next 5 weeks before I head back east for the NYC Half-marathon. I had to back off the big mileage the past few weeks because my body just wasn’t absorbing the training at all. But, I feel that now I am ready to start hitting it hard and will gradually build the mileage back up to a reasonable level.

I also managed to beat my former Providence College teammate this weekend by 3 minutes! Woo, take that! We weren’t competing on the same course, so it’s hard to really claim exactly that. But we both ran the half-marathon. It’s always good to try to keep pace with with former teammates that are still doing the ole running thing too.  All I know is I am going to have to stay on-top of my game to keep beating her. No that’s not a typo, HER – Kim Smith, a fellow Providence College grad ran 1:07:36 in New Orleans. Ridiculous!