December is darkest, in June there’s the light

By January 3, 2011News

2011 has arrived much quicker than I anticipated. To recap 2010: it was a good year for me in terms of running, but only really because of one race in the last month of the year. I battled a couple minor injuries, ran a lot of mediocre races, changed coaches, moved across the country, and eventually got it right when it ‘mattered’.

The first few months of my year were spent battling an achilles injury I suffered while trying to do some speedy stuff on the hills and roads with the highschoolers in Kingston. Looking back my training was hilarious following that injury.  I was either doing silly amounts of training on the elliptical machine or running 100mile weeks, there was no easing back into running after the cross training bouts, hence I repeated this cycle a few times during the winter before I got back running without pain in my achilles. I thought I was in decent shape by the spring but never got my act together in a race. I re-grouped for a summer track season, which didn’t go great itself. Although I did ‘win’ my first National track championships, which I shouldn’t take for granted.  When I look back on the first 8 months of the year I realize it all worked in someway to prepare me for the fall. I never had any huge stretch of time completely off and I was running decent workouts throughout the year. So, when time came to really dig in and bang out the marathon training I was able to do so without much trouble.

In 2010 I learned how to get really fit to run a good marathon. And in recent weeks I’ve learned how to get really unfit, to the point where I ran an uninspiring 26:30 for 8k at the annual Resolution Run in Kingston, ON. I’d like to say I just jogged around, but that wasn’t really case at all. So, I’ve got a lot of work to do in the coming weeks and months to get myself back to where I was in December, and then take things to a new level after that.

We’ve taken a lot of time trying to develop a training and racing schedule for the next 6 months or so that makes sense and helps to achieve my ultimate goal of qualifying for London 2012. We’ve thrown around a lot of ideas and races. We’ve gone from thinking race X was complete nonsense one day to thinking it was absolutely necessary the next day. It’s been an interesting process. But, some stuff remains up in the air until I get back into decent shape. One thing is for certain, I will be returning to Vancouver, BC shortly to train with the same people that helped me throughout the fall of 2010. (As a side note, if anyone reading this knows of a reasonably priced (I know this is a relative term) place I can live in Vancouver let me know 🙂 ) My first race will likely be the First Half 1/2 marathon in Vancouver in February.

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