Pace is the trick

By December 6, 2010News

Well, yesterday at the Cal International Marathon was a good day for me. Everything came together and I managed to narrowly hold on for the victory and a new PB of 2:12:39.

I don’t really have the energy right now for a full race report, but I will say that running gun to tape wasn’t exactly the original game plan. Patience was meant to be the name of the game. I wanted to be in the battle for the win and wanted to be really racing over the last 5-6miles (as opposed to just trying to make it the finish line as had been the case in all 3 of my previous marathons). But, we also knew from looking at results and splits from years past that a lot of the guys that run this race aren’t interested in a fast time, just winning. We had discussed that if the lead pack was really ‘dogging’ it early on, that it might be worth while just doing my own thing. Well, on the day I only gave myself about 2mins to analyse the situation and decide that the top guys weren’t interested in running hard, so I just went for it. I wasn’t aiming for any particular splits, I was just trying to run within myself, at a pace that I hoped I would still have something left to run strong over the last 4-5miles. I found a good rhythm and the chase pack let me get pretty far ahead. The last 5 miles were pretty terrifying as I was starting to tie up and knew that someone was closing in on me fast. I had my doubts that I was going to hold on. It probably wasn’t until about 26.1 miles that I realized I was going to win. The pic below might give you some idea of how excited I was about it.

As I said, I’ll try and write more later.

Thanks to everyone for their support. Hopefully bigger and better things to come.