After the goldrush

By December 22, 2010News

Unfortunately not much time to chill out since CIM. It’s tough trying to master epidemiology. I did take 5 days off running, and have just been running easy since then. I’ll start some light workouts this week and proper training again in the new year. I have enjoyed many many many more beers and wines and late nights and my fair share of junk food since the race.

I was on the start list for London marathon when they made their press release late last week, but Canadian media outlets rightly either edited that start list (removing my name) or just didn’t mention me. I felt it was too soon after CIM to make any decisions, but the race wasn’t informed of this before they put out the start list.

Some interesting discussion on the CIM course in a couple of different places, here and here. Personally I felt it was a fair course and I obviously knew that no matter my time at the race it wasn’t going to be recognized by IAAF/AC.

Check out this great video from the race (it is halfway down the page and takes a few minutes to upload). I heard about this happening from someone after the race, but didn’t realize there was evidence of it. The reporter wasn’t too savvy, her remarks in the post-race highlight video were that I “prepared by running 20 miles per week and wore shorts the whole race”?!? She also gave me a Boston Cream twinkie, because apparently I qualified for Boston!

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  • Dylan,

    First off GREAT effort at CIM..I ran 2:19:35 there in 2007 and am hoping to better 2:19:00, our USA Olympic Trials standard in May of 2011…wanted to stay in many miles (kilos) were you running per week going into CIM..Im interested in hearing your thoughts. I think I can break 2:15 and am going to attempt ramping up to 230-40 kilometers a week (140-150m) in my next build up.

    Stop by my site when your free…you’ll see a familiar finish line:)

    Take Care,
    Nate Pennington

    Hope to hear from you