You gotta keep those ears warm

By November 10, 2010News

Not a lot to report this week……a few of us got together after our workout on Sunday to watch the NYC marathon (thanks to Rich’s PVR). It certainly wasn’t thanks to me, as I still haven’t plugged in the TV in the apartment here. Anyways, there was a lot of ‘hype’ about the race in the days leading up to it. With all the niche running media outlets (Letsrun, flotrack, etc) I think I read and watched a million articles and interviews with a lot of the top contenders. But, both guys I was most excited about watching Haile G and Simon B dropped out. So, it ended up being a lot less exciting. Although, it was great to see a former teammate from PC, Kim Smith, right up there in the mix in the women’s race. She wound up a hard fought 5th, even after a pit stop, in just her 2nd marathon!

The guy who won, Gebre Gebremariam wore a sweet toque almost the whole time. I presume it was an adidas (his sponsor) issued toque, but it looked like he picked it up off the ground after someone else threw it away before the race. Reminded me of 1979 when Bill Rogers wore a big wooly toque when he ran 2:09 at Boston (check out target=”_blank”>this great video of his run). Not really sure what the story behind that toque was, but even when he eventually took it off (a few hundred metres before the finish) he never actually let go of the toque. He kept it in his hand the whole time, even on the awards podium. Moral of the story is I think I am going to wear a toque in my next marathon. I have this really ridiculous big wooly toque from Mizuno that would be perfect for the job, but I think I left it back in Ontario. I am going to have to scope out a replacement at a thrift shop.

Training is clipping along smoothly here. On Sunday I threw down another solid LONG tempo run. We had perfect weather for it in Stanley Pk, so I made sure to take advantage. Usually I am totally wrecked for a few days following the longer marathon pace workouts. But, I feel like I’ve recovered pretty well this time around. We’re out in Langley around SteveO’s tomorrow for one of my favourite marathon workouts – I/O 1kms.

I’ve been using the foam roller quite a lot lately. It’s good for a poor man’s massage. But, you’ve really gotta want to punish yourself to stick with it. A good proper massage is not fun at all. But, you can get through it and deal with the pain, because quite frankly you’ve got no choice when someone else is doing the torturing. But, with the foam roller it’s like self torture. I’ll find a really sore or tight spot and go crazy on it with the roller and put my self through agony. Then I catch myself and think, why am I doing this? Then for some reason I keep at it.