I’m in the barn…..

By November 22, 2010News

….’cause I want to stay out of the snow and now the hay is the barn because all the hard work is done (until race day). Yes, I was awoken on Saturday morning by this lovely scene:


Needless to say, with a 12mile tempo run on tap I was none to pleased to see such a sight.

Now, you’d think being a tough (or stupid) SOB whose slogged through some silly K-town winters, I’d just suck it up and get out there and get the job done. Well, think again. The roads around Stanley Park were not in great condition, still some snow, lots of slush, and some ice. Rich decided it just didn’t make sense to risk slipping or falling and injuring something. So, we held off for 24hrs. I went home and had a complete ground hog day, as I like to keep a fairly consistent routine the day/night before the longer workouts. I ate the same meal as the night before (I hate doing that) and went to bed good and early. But, in the end I am glad we waited until today. We ran on some dry and clear roads out in PoCo. It was still damn cold though, and will be for a few days yet.

I thought I was smart getting out of Ontario to avoid the onset of winter – apparently not. I talked to my dad later that day and he had been out playing tennis in Kingston (mind you, he’s been known to push the tennis season a bit later in the year than most. One year when I was a kid we played a game on Christmas day)! I think I offended the weather gods somewhere along the way ’cause I can’t seem to catch a break.

But, todays workout put an end to all of the hard slogging. So, I’ll put up with a few days of mediocre weather now, as long as it’s nice again in January when all the hard slogging starts up again. Regardless, It’s been a good block of training and I am excited about getting to the start line.