It’s my picture right before I got old…

By October 31, 2010News
That's Steve, Mosely, and Me obscured by the SUNSHINE this morning on our 22miler in Langley, BC.

That's Steve, Mosely, and Me obscured by the SUNSHINE this morning on our 22miler in Langley, BC.

…rediscovering the Dragonslayer album by Sunset Rubdown while I’ve been driving all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They like to do construction here, which is good ’cause it gives me time to listen to music and clean the interior of the car while stuck in traffic. But the problem is there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency in these operations (maybe ’cause they can do road construction all year round since the weather stays half-way decent??) There is a sign for some construction on one of the bridges that says 2009-2013. What kind of friggin’ time-line is that to complete a project (sounds like my MSc Thesis timeline!) At least in Ontario the construction is all done by November because the poor construction workers are frozen by then. Hey, I heard Kingston got snow this morning! So happy about that. I was feeling sorry for myself here the other day when I was slogging through a 15mile run in rain and 8degree temps when it was 18degrees and Sunny back home. Not sure how that happened.

Getting on with the marathon training, in a big way. Everything has gone smooth since returning from the Zoo Run. I’ve hit some good long tempos, some consistently high mileage (including my highest week ever of 124.5miles) and have been feeling good on the track. Hitting the track was not something I was into at all in previous marathon build-ups. I figured I was going to be racing 26.2miles on the roads I might as well get out there and pound the pavement as much as possible. But, Rich does things a bit differently way out here on the West Coast and we’ve been on the track 1x each week. And I must say, I am getting some good confidence (and fitness I hope) from the workouts we have been doing. After a session a couple weeks ago of 8xmile I thought about bailing on the whole marathon thing and going down to Australia and running a 10,000m. Australia was the only place I could think of that is running track right now, and I know they have a great 10,000m – the Zatopek Classic – first week of December every year, and Melbourne, Australia was the sight of my last track PB, way back in November 2005 (a 13:57(?) for 5,000m). But, that plan only lasted for a few minutes because I realized it was ridiculous, for many reasons. Anyways, whether this ‘feeling’ of being track fit is going to translate into a good marathon performance is to be determined. Regardless it’s definitely a new feeling for me during marathon buildups.

Not much else to report, so I’m going to send you over to the Destroyers blog. It’s excellent. For entertainment value I think it’s second to none. And if you actually know him at all his, it makes his stories even funnier.

Also, I’ve been meaning for a long time to direct peoples attention to the feats of Martin Parnell, an Alberta man who is attempting to run 250 marathons in a year. “His goal is to raise $250,000 for Right To Play. Right To Play is an international, humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.” (pulled from Martin’s site). He got some good and well deserved press this week for hitting marathon #200. Simply incredible!