Cruise Control

By October 3, 2010News


Day 1 -Kingston to Arlington Heights, IL (702miles)
Day 2 – Arlington Heights, to Madison, WI to Wall, SD (843miles)
Day 3 – Wall, SD to Moses Lake, WA (1,011miles)
Day4 – Moses Lake, WA to Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC (311miles)
Total = 2867miles!
I drove from Kingston to Vancouver this week. I didn’t really take the time to stop and enjoy the scenery. I wanted to get out here, get settled in, and get down to business (training). I still managed some decent running along the way. Went slightly off course to stop in Madison, WI and did a nice run around the Arboretum there. Consumed many cups of coffee along the way. One of the nicest came from a place in Missoula, MT called Break Expresso. All told it was a pretty uneventful trip.
Oh, the race last weekend in Toronto was fairly uneventful for me. Tried to help Reid Coolsaet’s pacers in the early going, but was causing more harm than good I think, as one of his pacers did not want to let me lead. Every time I went to the front he would surge a bit. I tried to push around 12km and close the gap on some other half marathoners. That didn’t last long before I started feeling pretty damn tired. There was no chance of catching the two guys in front of me, so I just went into survival mode. Still a decent effort in the midst of heavy training. The real story of that day was Reid and Eric Gillis running absolutely amazing in the marathon (2:11:23 and 2:12:08 respectively). Very inspiring. Couldn’t have happened for two better, more dedicated, harder working guys.