Fall Fair!

By September 14, 2010News

I think it’s time to ramp up the blog updates (I think I’ve said that before!).

The weather has turned here quickly, but I love the crispness of the fall air, and I love when the ragweed dies, and I love when the Carnies come to town for the Fall Fair!

I’m now back in the full swing of training. I’ve been ramping up the miles over the past few weeks. From mid-August to early September I averaged about 95 miles/week, and last week I hit nearly 100. I’ve also started back into some of the staple workouts I’ve used during past blocks of marathon training, including the one I did tonight – 8x(1k ‘on’, 1k ‘off’) with the ‘on’ ~2:55-3:00 and the ‘off’ ~3:30. It’s one variation of the ‘in-and-out’ workout that Steve Boyd has had me do during all of my previous marathon build-ups. When I first tried this workout during my training for the Rotterdam marathon in 2008 I loved it because I’d never really done anything like it and I figured the extra volume I was getting compared to a regular interval workout (with shorter recoveries jogging at a very slow pace) was good for preparing to run 26.2miles. But, I forgot how long and tough 8 sets can be. I’d done 6 sets a few weeks back and felt pretty good about it, but 8 was tough today. The workout is a good blend of pace and volume – all told I averaged 3:12/km for 15km (no 1k’off’ in the last set).

My next race will be the 1/2 marathon, run in conjunction with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26th. From the bits and pieces I’m hearing (le blog du rob and crs site) about what the Speed River boys are planning for the full 42.2km I think I might be doing well to hang on to them for 17km (at which point the races split, I run just a measly 4.1km more, and they go on for another 25.2km.) Hopefully the weather is good ’cause I think it has the potential to be a great day for Canadian marathoning.


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