Midsummer Night’s Dream

By July 27, 2010News

I dreamt that I spilt some water on my computer in the middle of the night. I got up and sort of tried to dry it off, but didn’t really seem too bothered about things. Turns out this really wasn’t a dream, it was in reality me destroying my beloved macbook. The only reason this is relevant to this blog is because I had my username and password and such stored on that computer, so couldn’t figure out how to get on to here to update, until recently.

Things on the running front have continued as per the last 18 months or so, some low peaks, some really low valleys, not too much in the high peak category. I came away from the west coast series a little dejected. I started off with a decent 8:06 solo effort over 3000m. Followed that up a couple days later with a 3:51 1500m, which despite being run in a time that I could have run 10 years ago, was something that I was pleased with. I managed to race the competition pretty well, ending up 3rd in the B section. The race was really looking forward to out there was the 5000m in Richmond. But, things didn’t pan out as planned. A bit of a heat wave, coupled with a very short warmup (because Jerry Tighe and co. decided they wanted to get home for tea and biscuits by 8:30pm) put me in a not so optimal frame of mind for this one. There were some very kind pacemakers slotted in to the race from the USA that did a good job of towing me through 6 laps at a sub 14 minute pace. Once they stepped off I kept up that pace for about another 1000m before completely imploding and barely keeping one foot in front of the other for the last 3 laps. I ended up 3rd in 14:26(?). It was not pretty, not at all!

Since then I’ve tried to build the confidence back up with a few workouts on the track and a few on the trails in Lemoines Point, and a 4mile road race in Buffalo, NY. All completed with moderate success. But, I am going into the National Track  & Field Champs at U of  T this weekend in a positive frame of mind!

If you are in the area on Friday night you should come check out the meet. The men’s 5000m goes off at 8:30pm (I think?).

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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  • Cambridge Groupies says:

    OK Dylan,
    It means everything and means nothing (it’s running!) so go out there and RISK it all cauz you are FIT and very capable. Go Hard or Go Home says the Buda Men & Lady from Cambridge.