Needles work….

By June 30, 2010News

….acupuncture needles that is! Especially when they are hooked up to some electrical pulse by Dr. Gregory Lehman! Greg and those needles (and Kurtis Marlow and John Carson) have helped keep my lower leg injury at bay for the time being. So, I am happy to report that I am back on track (literally and figuratively) and going ahead with my original plan to head out to B.C. to participate in the PacifiCanada track&field series.

I was back running by Wednesday of last week, but spent Sunday-Tuesday doing lots of cross-training. I’ve actually made cross-training a regular part of my routine for the past 2months or so –  doing either pool running or elliptical 3 mornings/week. Not only has this helped me get fitter, but it also makes it very easy to transition into a few days of just cross-training when the body doesn’t co-operate and a few days off from running is required(knowing when the body requires this is a whole different ball game all together). I think I was able to hold my fitness over the few days I missed and am pretty confident I can knock the cobwebs of a few my old rusty track PB’s: 3000m – 8:00, 5000m – 13:57 (I ran these times so long ago – November 2005 in Australia – I can’t even remember the tenths/hundreths of a second without looking them up).

Here is my schedule:

3 July – 3000m in Abbotsford

5 July – 1500m in Vancouver

9 July – 5000m in Richmond

Hopefully these races will be good opportunities to run fast times. In years past this series has produced some great results. But, these days it seems everyone and their dog is going to Europe to run track in the summer. I considered this option, but I couldn’t afford the time away from the precious (and very secure, i.e. can’t leave my desktop computer at Queen’s) data that I need to finish analyzing for my thesis. So, it’s unlikely I will find myself in a thick pack of sweat skinny runners, battling for every position, and getting pulled along to some ridiculously fast time. Regardless, I am really looking forward to these races…………


  • Kurtis Marlow says:

    Thanks for the shout out Dylan – much appreciated. Saw the results for the 3000m on Saturday. You blew them out of the water. Good luck on Monday and then again this Friday.


  • Leslie & John Carson says:


    You have “groupies” from Cambridge, Ontario stalking you! -aka Johnny C, Johnny M, and LC Crowbar! Thinking of you as we devour John’s scrumpious raspeberry lemon cheesecake avec la cappuccino! Tucky, Riley and Rocket say Hi! 8:06 is a great time considering you likely went out to BC without a decent salad spinner, Francine, and enough red and blue cream to keep your body in 110% shape. We are happy to hear the calf is good. Have faith that times will come down as the competition steps up!!

    Have FUN!!!!

    The Cambridge Crew

  • Trevor Feeney says:

    Leslie & John (& crew): I have inside knowledge that he’s getting taken care of while out here!

    Trev on the coast.