Bairu runs 27:23!

By May 4, 2010News

I was hoping to be able to post an update with some good news/results after Saturday’s Payton Jordan Cardinal Invite, and I can. Unfortunately for me I did not produce the good results (I did not finish in my second attempt at a good 10,000m this year) However, fellow Canadian Simon Bairu (and his Oregon Track  Club teammates) did incredible things in the top section of the men’s 10,000m. Simon set a new Canadian record for the distance- 27:23!

Congrats to Simon!

Congrats to Simon!

It was an amazing sight to watch him hammer out 63-65 second laps and then hang tough as the race really heated up. His ability to ‘grind it out’ for the last 8 or so laps (when the leaders gapped him a little) was very inspiring. Unfortunately I could not channel the inspiration and excitement from that race into my race which started shortly after Simon’s finished (oh I forgot to mention that Simon was only 5th in the race and his training partner, American Chris Solinsky, ran 26:59! to break the American record). You can watch the entire race here at the Flotrack website. Also, check out the post-race interviews with Simon. I wish I was able to approach my race with the same frame of mind that Simon did his (such a tough runner).

Training was going well prior to my race at  Mt.SAC. Unfortunately I had a bit of a cold in that one and just completely blew up. My training was a bit scattered between the two races as I came out of Mt.SAC with a very sore quad that left me unable to run for a few days. That cleared up after a couple days of cross training and I was able to do a few workouts prior to going back to California for Saturday nights race.

I felt flat almost immediately in my race but tried to remain calm and confident as I knew it was a great night for running fast. But I started to struggle with the pace quite early on and by half way I was losing contact with leaders and sliding backwards through the field. I decided to stop somewhere around 4 miles into the race. Certainly not proud of this effort and really lost for an explanation of my inability to post a good result over 10,000m. It’s a really hard event and I have a ton of respect for anyone that has run well over the distance.

I thought my goals for this track season were fairly attainable and my training was going well. But when push came to shove I could not get it done. I got a text shortly after the race from Richard Lee that is a quote from jeff Scheibler –  ‘don’t let the highs get too high, don’t let the lows get too low’ (Jeff is the Canadian record holder for 3,000m, 5,000m, and half-marathon, and was the record holder for 10,000m before Saturday night).  So, I’ll try and keep things in perspective and not get ‘too low’ about these past few weeks.

Next up is the Vancouver Sun Run on May 9th. I have had a bit of success in this race in years past, so hopefully I can put the recent failures behind me with a good result there.


  • Clive says:

    Sorry to hear the 10,000 did not go so well. Hope you can erase all that at the Sun Run. I have watched the FloTrack video of the Solinsky/Chelinga/Rupp/Bairu race several times. It is still extremely exciting to watch even after several viewings. 3 records in one race, what a night. Nice interviews by Bairu and Solinsky post race. It must have been amazing to be there watching it unfold.

  • DylanW says:

    Thanks Clive. Yeah, that race is probably the best I’ve ever seen, especially considering so many people made history all at once. Funny enough the previous Canadian and American records were both set in the same race 9 years ago. I just wish I could have really enjoyed it. I was a bit distracted trying to warm-up for my own race.