T minus oh, 24hrs or so…..

By April 14, 2010News


I’m racing 10,000m on the track tomorrow night, at the Mt.SAC relays in Walnut, California. The heat sheets are up and it appears to be a good field of guys. I think the top seed has a PB of 28:15ish, and there a few other guys in the 28:30 range. If these guys are in their PB shape I think this is a great field for me to be in, given my current fitness.

My last few workouts before flying out here went well, and I’ve felt good running easy since I got here. So, I am going to do my best to just get out there, compete, and really give it everything tomorrow night.

I struggled with the two attempts I made at 10,000m last year, so I want some redemption, as I think I am a better runner than my current 28:58 PB. I think I expected things to be a lot easier than they actually were (in those races last year) and I got pretty discouraged when things got tough earlier than I thought they would. As a result I lost that competitive edge that you need out there, and just kind of went through the motions and got to the finish line. I also spent a lot of time thinking about splits and whether or not I was going to run the times I wanted to. I definitely panicked when I heard certain splits and thought about how tired I was and how I was going to be able to keep going at that pace, or even pick up the pace.

I know this race tomorrow is going to be plenty fast to bring me to a new PB, so I am not even going to think about the time, or listen/look for the splits during the race.  I really just want to get in there and try and hang on to the front group for as long as possible, and if I am in it with a few laps to go really take a stab at it. But, only time (about 28-29hrs) will tell whether things materialize. Regardless I am excited to be out here, giving myself the opportunity to take a stab at a new PB.

Anyways, if your interested in watching the race, or any of the other races for the meet (the top section of the men’s 5000m on Friday night will be awesome), they will be streamed live on Flotrack. My race is Thursday April 15 at 7:40PST (10:40 EST).

Until then, I’ll just be chillin’ out in Irvine, CA where I am staying with some very hospitable friends of friends. I had a chance to scoot down to Laguna Beach and Newport Beach earlier today.

no I can't take credit for this photo, but it really did look like this down there today!

no I can't take credit for this photo, but it really did look like this down there today!

I didn’t manage to get in the water though. My poor swimming skills combined with the decent sized waves that were tumbling in and lack of life guards on duty deterred me. I might kill some time tomorrow, early in the day, by going to the Apple store. I am in need of a new iPod. I can’t decide whether to just replace the iPod nano that was stolen from my car, or upgrade to an iPod touch. I’ve also toyed (although very fleetingly) with the idea of purchasing one of those new iPad’s. But, with the new standards for carding that have been released, I think I better be saving every penny I can get my hands on in order to survive the next few years!