if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em…..

By April 6, 2010News

….that was the motto last week, as I had the opportunity to join the Speed River Track Club for a few days of training, just prior to the Easter Weekend. I got in some good days of training including a track workout of 8x1km. It was great to be able to do this type of workout with a big group of guys – there were 5-6 of us – in there all working hard and getting after it. It was also fun to see how the group does things, not only in terms of the specifics of a workout, but all the extra little bits and pieces. I read, just last week, an interview with Meb K. in which he said something along the lines of ‘running 90minutes to 2 hours a day is the easy part, it’s getting in all the ancillary work (i.e. strength training, stretching, different recovery modalities, etc) that is the hard part, but the very important part to staying injury free’. The crew in Guelph reminded me of this with their pre/post workout routines of drills and such. I even carried over some of that stuff to my own workout this weekend, and am determined to keep it in my routine through the spring and summer. Many thanks to DST and the guys for accommodating me.

I am now 9 days out from the Mt.SAC Relays – I’ll be running the 10,000m. I am going to have one more hard track session this week, then a few lighter session later this week and early next week, before flying out to California for the race.