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By April 1, 2010News

An update on here has been long overdue. Tuesday of this week I completed a somewhat meaningful milestone on the way to completing my M.Sc. in Epidemiology. I’ve been pretty bewildered with my studies at times. So, this felt good to have finally accomplished, despite the fact it was a good 5 months later than most of my classmates. But, that has kept me busy, and is my excuses for not posting an update here sooner.

Running has been going well. I raced the Bay and Back 5k in Hamilton on Sunday morning. I ended up 2nd to Taylor Milne, in a time of 14.14 (to Taylor’s 14.10) with Chris Winters a close 3rd in 14.17. Despite not getting the win it was a good solid effort.

I’ve been doing some solid training back in Kingston the past few weeks. Prior to that I was in Vancouver for a stint of training/racing – which started with the Harry’s Spring Run off 8km road race and culminated with a 6x1600m track workout. The track workout was great. Steve Oz helped me out in that one by leading the 1st and 3rd lap of each rep (he was just recovering from the Lake Biwa Marathon, so he wasn’t doing the full workout). But, that workout gave me a lot of confidence that I could run well on the track this spring and summer. And my workouts since have continued to confirm that.

The time out in B.C. was also good to help gain some new ideas and a new mindset for how to approach my training and racing. I tend to get a little stale at times, training on my own so much, so this trip was good to sort of rejuvenate me. Plus, the Lee’s were such great hosts, there was no way I couldn’t have enjoyed my mini training/racing camp.

My first big race of the year will be two weeks from today, at Mt. SAC Relays, in California. I am running the 10,000m there (not a relay)! I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I think I am ready to run a good 10,000m, hopefully a significant PB.

Another week or so of good hard training ahead, and then a little ease down before that race…….

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