The 50km (no not running)

By March 1, 2010News
Devon Kershaw putting it all out there at the end of 2hrs 5minutes of skiing!

Devon Kershaw putting it all out there at the end of 2hrs 5minutes of skiing!

I may have nipped him for the win at OFSAA XC back in the day, but Devon Kershaw just about ‘nipped’ all of the best cross country skiiers the world could throw at him yesterday as he finished 5th (just 1.6 seconds out of 1st and 0.6 seconds out of 3rd) in the 50km XC ski at the Olympics. Check out this article on the Devon and his race in the mens 50km mass start (basically the marathon of cross country skiing). Although I haven’t competed against, nor even spoken to Devon in years  it has been extremely inspiring to see him record 2 ‘best ever’ performances by a Canadian at the Olympic Games in cross country skiing (4th in team sprint and 5th in 50km). Devon’s initial reaction after the race was one of complete exhaustion and disappointment at the realization that he was only 1.5 seconds away from the Olympic Gold Medal! I am sure when he looks back at his result a few days and a few years down the line he will be pleased and use his performance as fuel for better results in the future. I have been really inspired by his determination and attitude in the games, and will use his performances in Vancouver as fuel for my future training and racing. If you have two hours on your hands you should watch this video replay of the event. Watching this race and the men’s xc team sprint were the highlight of a great Winter Olympics for me. Not sure what I am going to do to procrastinate/avoid school work now!

As for my training, I was running on grass most of the past 2-3 weeks for the majority of my easy day runs. It was great, and I took every opportunity I could to get on the soft surfaces while the opportunity presented itself. But, nearly every day this past week we got hit with some amount of snow, making the grass unrunable. I blamed Reid Coolsaet for bringing the snow back to Ontario with him, from his training camp in Alabama. But, I still managed a decent week of training, despite quite a few runs on the treadmill and indoor track. I, admittedly, am not one of those runners who enjoys ‘sucking it up’ and slogging through my easy day runs in compeltely rubbish conditions. I see more opportunity to get injured when the footing outside is poor than by running on a treadmill. Too ease the boredom, the treadmills at the gym I go to have TV’s mounted on them, which allowed me lots of Winter Olympics viewing time. Looks like after today the grass may clear up again!


  • Derrick says:

    Geez Dylan. Thought you were thinking about moving up to ultras there for a moment.

    Kershaw’s performance in the 50k was definitely a highlight!

  • Reid says:

    The snow fell before I got back, hahaha