ok, this is the calm, so where is the storm?

By February 17, 2010News

I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, obviously. Had some technical difficulties a few times. I can’t seem to properly download and install the latest version of wordpress, and without it I can’t upload pictures. So, I abandoned a few earlier attempts at posts in the past few weeks.

Since I last wrote I’ve struggled some more with my achilles, finally got it fixed, and went to town running as much as I could (probably too much). After a week of 2+ hrs/day on the elliptical I ‘tested’ my achilles with a day of 60minutes running in the a.m. and 30minutes running in the p.m.. I know, a real nice way to ‘ease’ into things eh?!? Well, my achilles survived that day, so I launched into a 100mile week, followed by another, followed by a 115 mile week. At that point I was completely wrecked and settled for a 90 mile week last week. I’ve actually managed some decent quality in there too – some good tempo runs and a few treadmill hill fartleks.

But, my attempt at my first track workout this evening showed me I am long ways from where I really need to be. I haven’t done many track workouts in the past few years, so it looks like I am going to try and cram in a bunch over the next few months, as I’ve opted to skip an attempt at a spring marathon and try my hand at the track again. I was rather excited about this plan, until tonight. But, I think things should come along quickly.

I’ll find out soon enough, as I just booked my flight out to Vancouver for the Harry’s Spring Run-Off 8km on March 7 in Stanley Park. I am looking forward to the race as it will be the first really good indicator of my fitness. I am going to spend two weeks out in B.C., hopefully taking advantage of some warmer weather and some good training partners there to get on the track a good few times and bring things along. After tonight’s workout all alone, in light snow, near dark, and sub-zero temps I am very much looking forward to the ‘training camp’. Although, I shouldn’t complain too much ’cause the weather here in Kingston has actually been good, by our usual standards, thus far this winter. I keep thinking it’s just the calm before the storm. But, hopefully I can make it through the next few weeks and then let the storm hit in mid-March while I am out west 🙂

Hopefully I’ll update the blog again before then…..