No ice, please!

By February 21, 2010News

While training for the World Champs marathon this past summer I got into a good routine of taking an ice bath after workouts and long runs, to help speed up the recovery process. I got away from that a bit this fall and winter. But, after my track workout last night, decided I needed to get back into that routine. Sadly, I failed to recognize that the cold water running from the taps in the winter is much much colder than in the summer. So, when I turned on the cold water, put in two bags of ice and came back a few minutes later to find the ice had not melted at all I was not pleased. I tried to get in the tub anways, but I just could not do it, it was so so cold. I had to drain the tub a bit and run some warm water before I could get in. It was a very painful 10 minutes.

I did the workout (10x200m, 5x1000m) on the RMC indoor track. I have avoided that track, and indoor tracks in general, as much as possible since I had a sacral stress fracture during winter 2005, that I believe was from doing too much fast stuff on the indoor track at Providence College. Last year I even drove up to Ottawa to use the Dome (400m indoor track) for a couple of workouts. But, I found all the driving involved was pretty tiring and that I probably didn’t benefit from the less severe turns and bigger track, in Ottawa, as much as I thought. Luckily I survived in lane 5 (228meters per lap) at RMC, as I am not too sore right now (the day after). My times for the workout were nothing special – for the 1 lapers I worked my way down from 33-30/200m, and for the 1000m I averaged 68seconds/400m (my actual times are sort of irrelevant because I was running odd distances in lane 5, 1lapers (228m) and 4.5laps~1026m. I never felt too comfortable with the tight turns, and as I became more tired, it became exponentially harder to maintain the pace around the turns. But, it was a decent start. I’ve got a lot of work to do to be in P.B. shape by mid April – early May. But, I just have to be patient, get the workouts in, and do all the little things to make sure I don’t get injured.

This morning I met a few of the guys from the Queen’s team (Trevor, Anders, and Ollie) for a nice easy run and then The Hungry Persons Special to refuel at the Limestone Grill afterwards! Good times.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the day watching the Olympics. I don’t have cable TV at home, but recently discovered the great coverage on-line at the CTV website. The highlight for me yesterday was watching the Men’s 30km mass start pursuit cross country ski race. I had particular interest, as one of my high school track/cross country rivals – Devon Kershaw – was in the race. I’ve been following Devon’s career since he opted to focus solely on cross country skiing in grade 11 or 12. He and the 3 other canadians in the race were in the thick of the battle the whole time – always hovering around the top 10-20 in the lead pack. You could tell the home town crowd really energized them throughout the race. They ended up 5th, 8th, 9th, and Devon was 16th. He lost contact with the lead pack with about 10km to go, and I was feeling his pain as he slowly drifted a bit farther back as the race went on. I have a ton of respect for the cross country skiiers. Their endurance and strength are remarkable. I’ll be watching the team sprint and 4x10k relay events with great interest over the next couple of days.

Ivan Babikov (5th) of Canada, completely exhausted!

Ivan Babikov (5th) of Canada, completely exhausted!