Beautiful Day…

By January 17, 2010News

….today for a run, and to watch some running on-line. Congrats to Eric Gillis who ran his debut marathon today in 2:13:52 at the Houston Marathon. And to Simon Bairu for taking down Ryan Hall and running 1:02:47 in a half-marathon in Arizona. Certainly a great day for Canadian distance running/road racing. The next few years are going to be very exciting in the lead up to 2012 Olympics. Hopefully I can find my groove again in 2010 and not get left behind by these guys and others as they test the waters in the longer road races and eventually the marathon.

Not much else to report here. I have been having a bit of trouble with my left achilles. It’s prevented me from doing any speed work and has forced me onto the elliptical to supplemental some of the mileage I would usually run on the roads. The elliptical is a torturous activity. I get bored very easily, and when I do I usually end up increase my cadence or the resistance level, or both. I usually end up spraying sweat all over the place, to the dismay of the Queen’s students working out around me. Only benefit of the thing is my quads are stronger (and maybe bigger – might actually make a pair of half-tights halfway tight and not baggy like they usually are)!

But, I’ve still managed some decent tempo runs, including one on Saturday morning, where I did 6 miles in just under 30 minutes on the treadmill. I kept the heart rate below 180 the whole time. So, I was pleased with the effort. I like to wear the heart rate monitor on the treadmill because I don’t trust that they are always calibrated correctly, and some gyms get ridiculous warm. So, its good to have that device to guide my effort. After getting all amped up watching the races this morning I was able to get out there on the roads with a few of the guys from the Queen’s team. It was 2 or 3 degrees I think, so a very enjoyable run. We tried to get on the cross country course up at RMC, but we were being a bit over zealous with that as it was still snowing and icy – wasn’t too kind to my achilles really.

I also had the privilege of attending my first ever rager last night. I can’t reveal any details about it, but I highly recommend that if you catch wind of one happening you take the opportunity to go. Great times were had with some old friends!

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  • Great to read some of your latest posts Dylan, and good luck for 2010! Hope to see you again at the Ottawa Marathon weekend, and perhaps at the Mizuno booth with the other elite folks!

    I am hoping to get a good 15km race in this year, so if you want to pace a slowerrrr guy, let me know! Free race entry and pasta party ticket are in it for you!

    Thanks for the inspiration and running with the Maple Leaf internationally…


    Gary Rush