what goes through a marathoners mind?

By November 3, 2009News

Last year I did an interview with Lisa Benz, a MSc student at the University of Ottawa. Her thesis was exploring what skills elite marathoners use to focus during a marathon. The interview process was pretty neat. It involved recalling the two marathons I had run up until that point in time, and what was going through my mind and body during those races. There were some pretty detailed questions, and the whole process helped me develop a better idea of what I thought about and what I did to focus during a marathon.

Recently Lisa forwarded me an interview that her and Terry Orlick (her supervisor and author of ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’) did with Bruce Deacon (2 time olympic marathoner for Canada). Bruce’s description of the what goes through your mind and body during the marathon in this interview is easily the most in-depth and accurate depiction of the whole ordeal that I have ever read. I found myself constantly saying ‘yes, that is exactly what it is like’, when reading this interview. So, if you have a few minutes please read this interview to get an idea what it is like to be an elite marathon runner: http://zoneofexcellence.ca/Journal/Issue13/Becoming_the_conquering_hero.pd

In other news, Athletics Canada release the Sport Canada approved carding list today. I am the last name on the list. While I am on the list, I am not officially carded yet. My carding is pending any appeals by athletes that did not make the list. If an athlete makes a successful appeal, I will be the first athlete removed from the list. So, it’s a pretty precarious position to be in. It is definitely not a position I want to be in. And unfortunately the appeal process does take quite a long time. So, I’ll be biting my finger nails waiting anxiously over the next month or so and scheming other ways to produce some income. The obvious thing being to run very fast this coming year!