The Deuce!

By November 15, 2009News

Got caught up in the CIS XC Championships hype this weekend. I’ve never really paid too much attention to Canadian University running prior to this year, having been a product of the NCAA system. But, the CIS gained my respect this weekend. Two great races on a spectacular day up on the hill. Matt Brunsting (aka the deuce) from Guelph put on a real show out there running 30:35. As did the rest of the top six guys, including Matt Pieterson (fellow Physi-Kult clubmate) with a strong showing for 6th in 31:01. Prior to the race I didn’t think anyone would break 31, but boy was I wrong. Put’s my tempo run with Joel Bourgeois on the course earlier that day to shame.

It was a nice weekend of running for me too. Besides the tempo run with Joel on Saturday, Reid Coolsaet and I did a nice 25km at Catarqui Conservation area on Sunday morning. I tried to lose Reid in the woods because he is trying to take my carding away from me, but I was unsuccessful. Dave Scott-Thomas was reminiscing about his days in Kingston and was puzzled when I told him I hadn’t run at Catarqui in years and years. After having run there today I am now also puzzled as to why I haven’t run there once in the past 15 months I have been living in Kingston. I will be making regular trips out there to run from now on, especially if there is always photo shoots in the woods with people dressed up for the prom!

Now that all the CIS excitement is behind me I am getting ready for a busy next two weeks. On Thursday we (the Canadian team competing at the Chiba International Ekiden) fly to Tokyo. We race on Monday, November 23 (I am running a 10km leg), travel back to Toronto on Tuesday, drive to Guelph on Friday, and race Canadian Cross Country Championships on Saturday November 28th. Should be an interesting adventure!

After several weeks of consistent training I am feeling fit again (finally) and ready to do some racing. I haven’t taken the time to add up my mileage over the past 4 weeks. But, I would guess that I’ve been hitting between 150 and 170km per week, and I’ve been doing 3 good workouts per week during that time, mostly on the grass. This past week was as follows:

Monday – am easy 30min, pm Fartlek(6x3minutes hard, 1minute easy) on Fort Henry XC course (avg 3:17/km – hard sections at 3:03-3:12, easy at 3:40-3:45)

Tuesday – am 80 minutes steady around Fort Henry XC Course -pm easy 20 and weights

Wednesday – am 60minutes around XC course, pm – 40 minutes + strides

Thursday – am easy 40 minutes, pm 5x1500m (2:10-2:15 recovery) on grass at RMC (4:25-4:18)

Friday – am easy 40min, pm easy 50min

Saturday – am 30min tempo run (avg 3:08, mix of XC course and RMC playing fields), pm 8km easy

Sunday – 1hr45min easy

It was a solid week. I was very happy with my Thursday workout and generally just feeling good running all the time again.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully an update from Japan sometime next week!

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    Dylan….Don’t tell everyone about Little Cat or it’s going to start to get as crowded as Lemoines!