the tracksuit…

By October 13, 2009News

… a brilliantpicture-16 piece of running apparel! For years and years I believed your run of the mill tracksuit was a pretty useless piece of running attire. The only time I ever really wore a full tracksuit was before races. And even then I’d typically take off the pants or the jacket or both to warmup. It just didn’t feel right to be wearing a tracksuit. With all new technologies put into the materials for running gear and the acceptance (at least in running circles) of wearing full length tights and half tights , a tracksuit just felt way too old school and nonfunctional. I always remember seeing other runners and teams (most notably african runners) wearing tracksuits in all sorts of weather conditions, including the summer, and thinking they were absolutely crazy.
Well, with the weather cooling down and a recent shipment of gear from Mizuno (thanks!) I’ve had to start making some more choices about what to wear running each day. The summer is so easy – shorts and t-shirt, but the fall gets complicated. When sorting through my new gear and old gear and trying to figure out how many light longsleeves, heavy longsleeves, tights, half tights, etc I had, I realized I have about 5 tracksuits, none of which I wear.
So, I decided to give a tracksuit a try on a run the other day and now there is no looking back. I’ve only done one run without the tracksuit since and I regretted it. I even did a workout (a progression run) in full tracksuit the other day. I never thought you could run a 5 minute mile wearing a tracksuit, but trust me it can be done. There have been a few days where the full tracksuit was completely unnecessary, but I still embraced it and all the sweating, and the rash on my neck that came with it. Now I wish I had more tracksuits. So, if you have any that are taking up room in your closet you can send them my way.
In terms of actually running this week, besides the progression run in full tracksuit I managed a few other decent workouts. My foot/ankle still aren’t 100%. I haven’t been able to put in a full week of training where I feel like every run every day is heading in the right direction. But, my workout tonight was the best my foot and I have felt since the marathon (almost two months ago!). I am still going to give the Zoo Run/Nationals 10km Road Champs a whirl this weekend. It could get ugly, or I could surprise myself. We’ll just have to wait and see.