I wish that I was…..

By October 1, 2009News


Limb by limb, tooth by tooth
Tearing up inside of me
Every day, every hour
I wish that I was bullet proof

The road back from Berlin has been rough, possibly the toughest of my three marathon attempts. I feel completely unlike the runner I was just over a month ago, and really do wish i was bulletproof.

I took nearly 2 weeks completely off after the race and tried to start back slowly. I ran easy for about a week and then tried to start some workouts. I had a lot of aches and pains the first week or so and my first few workouts were pretty brutal. Most of the aches and pains went away, but an ankle problem persisted, forcing me to take a few days off running and a week without workouts. I’ve had a few ok workouts this week as my ankle is nearing 100% with some intensive physio.

Generally the comeback has been pretty frustrating. It’s funny how going into the marathon I was in probably the best shape I have ever been in. Then, just a month later I can barely run marathon pace for a few minutes, nonetheless 42km! The aftermath is a lot about recovering properly, but naturally you also lose a lot of fitness during that time. I read something the other day about someone’s recovery (pretty specific eh! I must have really taken it all in) from the marathon, maybe it was Geb. Anyways they mentioned doing some active recovery, just very light running, even during the first week after the marathon. Perhaps next time I need to think about doing some things that will help keep me fit, but also allow me to continue to recover – maybe some pool running or something along those lines.

I’ve actually thought to myself on a few occasions over the past few weeks that I wish I never ran the marathon, because right now I feel like I will never get back to the form I was in leading up to it. But, hopefully things will come around eventually. Steve and I were reflecting today, after my workout, that after my other marathons I had a week or two of very mediocre workouts before things started to click and I was able to start rolling again.

I am still hoping to be competitive at the Zoo Run/National 10km Champs on Oct 17. But, things will really have to start ‘click’ing for me to be up in the mix. The race will be the unofficial trials for the Chiba Ekiden in Japan in late November. I’ve always wanted to run a race in Japan and this would be a great opportunity. But, one day at a time for the next while.

If there is actually anyone reading this, I hope to be updating more often now. So, check back again once or twice a week.

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  • Clive says:

    Hey Dylan,
    No fears, we are reading, just took me some time to find your blog. Now that I have I will be checking in frequently to see what you have to say. As for being bulletproof (and when I saw that I was pretty sure those were lyrics from a song and it was probably Radiohead) – having watched you run a few times in the past week one would never know things were not what they should be, you still look smooth and strong to me. Hope to see you name in the Zoo run results in a couple of weeks.