Guten Tag aus Deutschland!

By August 20, 2009News


Good day from Germany!

I am in Berlin putting the final preparations on things for the World Champs marathon. The race is on Saturday August 22 at 11:45am (5:45am EST).

We arrived here on Sunday August 9 and spent the first 8 days at a training camp in Kamen, Germany. It was a small town near Dortmund. It was a great place for distance runners to train; lots of trails and a brand new track.

The taper is in full effect at the moment. 10k yesterday, just 8km today, and 6km tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to have the confidence to taper properly before the marathon. You get so used to training hard every day in the build-up to a marathon that you may feel like you are losing fitness when you’re not training full tilt.

Tapering has also meant we’ve had a lot of time on our hands. I’ve had quite a bit of work to do for my Master’s thesis proposal. But we’ve also had some small adventures into the small towns around our training camp. The biggest store was one that catered to lovers of beer, bikes, and pets. It was quite the combo!

It has been good getting to know the other guys on the marathon team. We all seem to get a long well, which is a good thing because we’ve spent an awful lot of time together the past 12 days. Giitah had an encounter with a bird in our Berlin hotel room. The story connected to that incident has produced the most comedic value for me thus far this trip.

The full tilt part of things went well this summer. I trained pretty much exclusively in Kingston and almost always on my own (Steve joined me for the odd easy run). My iPod shuffle was a dear dear friend this time around. But, I was able to handle more mileage and some very good long runs this time.

If you want to watch the race check out , supposedly it will be streamed live.

Check in again after the race for a report on how things shake out.